Here are some examples of websites we built

I built a website for a locksmith. The customer gave me a free hand, and the result is excellent:

1.      The website is already on the first page of Google in the keyword search and continues to climb.

2.      In 2015, I designed websites such as Skype and AIRBNB with video backgrounds. The results are extraordinary, which means a surfer sees that it is a well-invested website, and the conversion ratio is increasing.

Here’s the website: http://homerunlocksmith.com. Also, of course, I produced videos, created a blog, banners, a coupon, a Facebook page, a logo, an easy phone number, Google Map page on Yelp, and much more, for him. And of course, I continue to manage and promote the site.

A website for a luxurious building in New York: http://thepillarny.com. We designed a beautiful logo; created a panoramic image of the views reflecting from the building, surfer-friendly forms so that people can easily fill out the reception forms to the building, photographed empty apartments and furnished them in a Photoshop, created smart search system, and more.

A garage website: http://nyprestige.com. It is a very informative site. Of course, we also designed a logo and made full optimization.

A Kosher restaurant website : http://demo.geekinny.com/NoiDue. Of course, we also took pictures of food.

A photo company website: http://www.photo-flare.com

A shipping equipment sales company website: http://newyorkbox.com. We produced a video, designed a logo, and created a general concept and an easy and comfortable navigation system.

A locksmith website in Arizona: http://www.phoenixazkeyslocksmith.com. We made a general revamp, designed logos, produced videos, created coupons, colors, a distinct design for internal pages, and more. We started promoting this site, and it responds well.

A Commercial door repair company website: http://highgatedoors.com. A logo design; a modern and clean general design; banners, galleries, and more.

An intercom company website: http://manhattanintercom.com. We designed a logo, clean design with a smart slider up, video, service pages, and more.

Website for a company that sells refrigerators for restaurants:http://www.walkinboxesny.com. We designed a logo, banners, page writing, Facebook page, Google page, video, and more, by customer demand.

Car shipping company in the entire USA: http://www.brightautotransport.com. We created a smart contact form at the top of the site, a blog, a general design, a Google page, and more.


Of course, I have plenty more examples of websites I built for customers in New York and the United States. If you want more examples, do not hesitate to ask. Just dial 718-784-7939 from NY or 03-9770-222 from Israel, or contact us via the website or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tzvika770